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Taming the Dragon Workshop

Friday, the 15th from 17pm – 22pm
Saturday, the 16th from 10am – 17pm
Sunday, the 17th from 10am – 17pm

CREATIVE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN. 15th, 16th & 17th of February 2019 in Berlin with Blauhauch Theatre Company Only 4 Early bird tickets left.

Whether it is only an idea, a vision, a feeling, a desire to finally put your creation into the world, Blauhauch’s 3-day workshop in Surya Villa will unleash your potential, expand your visions and inspire your spirit to focus on the materialization of your project. 

What? Three days of magic, self-discovery and empowerement through Dreamwork, intuitive writing and embodiment of the power within. Have you been looking for your next project, your true purpose, or a way to better express yourself in this world? Taming the Dragon is the workshop that will give you the opportunity to completely drop all expectations and judgements and really come back to your dreams. The fire within will be ignited and your visions become clearer. You inner power and thrive will be reinforced for your confidence to assure that your dreams materialise in the way you want them to.

How? We will spend these three days in complete dedication to our true selves, to the voice within that knows exactly what we want, what we need and how we can share it with the world in a way that it is received and honoured. Through movement practices, lucid dreaming, creative and intuitive writing as well as performative embodiment of the archetypes dragon and tamer, all the dreams and desires that linger within and want to come out, will surface and make themselves visible, audible and find a clear direction to move forward to.

As women we come together to share deeply from the heart and be in a space where safety and trust are the doorkeepers for our deepest experiences to be lived and shamelessly communicated. Empowered and confident you will leave this workshop, knowing what it is that you want to bring into the world and how to become the master of your own inner fire without burning out or blowing off. Taming the Dragon is also the opportunity to reconnect to the power of lucid dreaming, manifestation through relaxation and shaping the inner world to see it unfold around you. Writing down your next steps towards creative freedom and designing a dream manifestation book for your projects are some of the jewels you will get from this journey.

Andrea Wasrud, Laura Frederico and Onimar Âme will be the ones holding space for you and your dreams, setting the intention of igniting the fire of 2019 beyond what you thought possible.

To make sure you have your space secured in the next step of your journey book your tickets now, as we will keep the circle as intimate as possible for everybody to have the chance and expand.

Blauhauch workshops are from women for women on the path of self-empowerment and freedom through creative writing, dreaming and performance.
Taming the dragon is a three day long workshop designed to ignite the fire of creativity in women who want to claim back the power of their inner dreamers, writers and performers. If you are called to discover your creative vision, voice and embodiment, this workshop will give you the tools to gain confidence and trust in yourself, open the channels to shameless storytelling and stretch your boundaries to perform your own work at the end of the process.
Our intention to create a playful, safe and magical space supports the depths of the creative processes. The workshop is divided in three parts: Dreaming, Writing, Performing. This three act structure allows the mind to rest and the creator to awaken on a heroine‘s journey.
Why „Taming the dragon?“ Calling back the ancient wisdom of archetypes, the dragon represents pure and untamed life force and therefore creative power. The tamer within us is the voice that has been conditioned by our upbringing, society, and the expectations we have towards ourselves. Often times we are either identified with the dragon or the tamer, which creates disequilibrium and distress. But what if both were to unite and the tamer was at service of the creative life force the dragon ignites? It manifests in ART.
Do you feel like you want to break free from „working“ and finally create from your heart? Do you feel like you have a power within you that you would love to share with the world but don’t know yet how? This magical and empowering Workshop will be given by three of the Blauhauch actresses.
Come and dream. Expect some magic.
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What we offer:
* Expertise in guided dreaming
* Skills in intuitive writing from the heart
* Movement exercise to reconnect feelings to the body
* Fun
* Magic
* Safety
* Discovery
* Connection
* Tea & Snacks
* Paper & Pen
* Great music
* Love!
What you bring:
* Yourself
* An object that represents something to you
* Confortable clothes
Date and time: 
Friday, the 15th from 17pm – 22pm
Saturday, the 16th from 10am – 17pm

Sunday, the 17th from 10am – 17pm